Day 6 :)

It's time again for the daily download ^^

And i just wanted to share some things i've been working on tonight :)
First up is bedclothes to my little baby on the way ^^ i also made a matching set for the babystroller :)
First time i ever been near a sewing machine since school :p

And second is this dress that i made for my daughter :)
She outgrown the tunic so i pimped it a bit ^^

Well that was all for now :) See you tomorrow for part 7 :) Can´t belive how fast the time is flying buy right now.. Soon Christmas and i havn't even gotten in the spirit yet ^^ 

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R2P2 sa...

Cute! I want to sew for my kids (don't yet have any), and I have a sewing machine, but I barely know how to use it. You'll have to share more of your projects, so I can learn from you & get inspired! :)