Christmas gift

Hello i'm gonna give away my huge collab for christmaspresent to you all :)
It will be handed out every day from tomorrow until christmas
This kit is PU and you all know what that means :)
I haven't had time to do a preview but i hop that's okey :)
If anyone want's to do one feel free, would love that ^^

Starting of this with a freebie :)
the alpha 


Sorry i'm late

Here is my part to the sweet things collab

To collect the other pieces please klick HERE


New freebie :)

I have been trying to draw a little blit more on my wacomboard ^^
So here is a little summer freebie for you :) 
A summer doodle kit and the good thing is it's CU :)


I'm working ^^

Hi everyone i'm working on a new freebie for you all :)
It will be this huge collab in the color of the sneak peak as you've seen befor
I have done 96!!! papers ^^ and 130 elements so far ^^
I'm also thinking about turning this kit into a prodject life sized kit aswell :)
Here is the previews of the papers:


My first shabby paper

I haven't done so much of my own work yet so i'm still learning :)
And with a 5 year old with special needs and a new born baby the time is slim but i love the time i do get ^^
But this is my first atampt to do a shabby chic paper.. What do you think? 


Sneak peak

I've been working on a new kit as i told you... It's a baby theme :)

Here is a sneak peak ^^ Hope you like it


Pixel scrapper blogtrain :)

It's time again for the Pixel scrappers blogtrain :)
This time the theme is retro kitchen

You can find the rest of the train Here



Today i'll share an old goodie with you :) 
It's one of my first kit i made ^^
I don't have a preview so a sneak peak will have to due :)
Bare in mind that some of the files are named in swedish

I do hope you'll like it :) I'm gonna start working on a babykit since i got 10 days left more or less until my baby comes :) And i can't wait :) So i want to prepare something that i can scrap the first pictures with ^^ And since i don't know if it's a boy or a girl i'll have to do a neutral kit or a double kit :)



Hi everybody, sorry for the long hold up on freebies but i'm been at the hospital all weekend. 

Here it comes anyway, som free easy frametemplates :)



I made a rainbow that i hope you'll like :)



Today i started to use my wacom again :)
I'm gonna try to get over the fact that i think my creations isn't good enought.
I share the first doodle i make with you for free and i would love some feedback :)

My CU terms are easy, do what you like aslong as you don't clame it as your own :) 


Freebie :)

This is the first gift of the year 
I hope i'll get time to make some more
I draw and made this myself.
It's CU, so please feel free to use it how ever you like as long as you don't clame it as your own :)

And just a hits up if you like my freebies ^^
I make some that will only be available at Pixel Scrappers forum :)
Come and join me and many other creative souls :)
Go to: PIXEL SCRAPPER and register right now 
You won't belive how much amazing stuff there is there :)