How i store my stuff

This is how i store my scrapbooking stuff :) I hope it will give you some tip about how to store yours.. ^^

Here is the first picture and it's and it's the view you first come to see :) I will take you trought each og the maps to show you how i store things.. Now we start :)

First we gonna go in the digiscrap folder, it's the one i store all my kits in...
The first thing we see is the overview :) I've catagorized it in seasons and special events and so on :)

Next we gonna go in a map to show how it looks there :) I just picked neutral :)
And i store them by full kit, mini kit and other stuff like alphas och paperpacks that aren't in a kit :)

Now where gonna go back to the digiscrap folder, only one step back ^^
There we find a map with the name Övrigt (it's other stuff that's not a kit) And here is other stuff to use with my kits and so on :)

Next on is as you see on the map above it has one called Special..
This is where i store my styles, fonts and so on :)

Next we go all the way back to the first picture :) And we change map from Digiscrap to Layouts
And here is how i store my layouts and Qp that i've done :)

Next we go back again and choose the map My design
This is where you'll find stuff that i make, templates and color pallettes

We click on templaes to show how i store them :)
First i sort by Elements and Papers.....

Then i sort by type, this is the elements folder

And this is how i sort my paper templates :)

Then we have to maps left.. Scrapbooking and Unfiled.. Scrapbooking is just an map with stuff to use with papercraft and so on.. So i'm not gonna show you that today ^^ But Unfiled is the place where i store my things befor they get sorted ^^ Like daily downloads and stuff :)

This was the last picture... I hope you go an idé on how to store your things :)



Jag har gjort ett par tickets som ni kan använda digitalt eller skriva ut :) Högerklicka på bilden och spara :)

QP av mitt kit :)

Varsågod hoppas ni gillar den :)