Pixelscrapper blogtrain

Hello i'm back again ^^

Here is my part:


New freebie :)

Well guess what.. My tab is gone on facebook so i had to create a new one ^^ 
And doing so i uploaded a new freebie :)
A HUGE Girly girly kit perfect for all that girly stuff :)
Hope you like it ^^


New fanfreebie :)

Go to my facebook page and download my new fanfreebie :)


Pixel scrapper blogtrain :)

It's time again for another blogtrain :)
Don't forget to download the TOU ^^
Here is my part:


To get the rest of the train go HERE


Pixel scrappers blogtrain

Hello it's time again for yet another blogtrain :)

Here is my parts:

Download here:

And collect the other piece at my Facebook page :)

Hope you'll like it :)

CU TOU (forgot to put it in the kit ^^ )
You may use the item in commercial layouts, designs etc.
You may Use the item on physical products.
You may create QP, templates and so on to share

You may not share or sell the files as they are


New freebie for you

Hello i have a new freebie for you :) The Addon can be collected here in the blog and the other piece can be picked up at my Facebook fan page HERE

And here is your blog freebie:


New fan freebie and pixelscrappers blogtrain

Hello everyone i'm going away for this new year so i'll be posting my trainpart a little bit early :)
But first i have made a little freebie at my facebookpage :) 
It's an addon for the lovley kit that sweet shoppe designs made for this christmas calendar :) 
I hope you liked the kit as mush as i did ^^ 
You can use it with this kit if you want, but it's not an actuall piece of the kit :)

And now for the train :)

Download my part HERE

And go back to pixelscrapper to download the hole train :)